Dr Kleenz Intimate Hygiene Wash For Men

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Dr Kleenz intimate Hygiene wash offers a pH level of 3.5 to 4 .0. Daily Washing with this wash gently cleanses refreshes & prevents unpleasant odor & irritations in the intimate area Efficiently cleans off the residue after intimate moments Provides long lasting freshness & well-being. Suitable for all ages Provides cleansing as well as moisturizing at the intimate area. Net Weight: 100 ml

Dr Kleenz Intimate Hygiene Wash for Men

Dr Kleenz intimate hygiene wash for Men delicately cleanses your intimate area. It is very important to maintain the acidic pH balance of the intimate area. As a better substitute to daily soap it is mild, soothing and gentle solution for your intimate area to provide delicate cleansing. The intimate hygiene wash helps to avoid irritation, itching and other infections and give you day long freshness and glow.

This intimate hygiene wash gives you a reason to feel fresh during heavy workout and during intimate moments.